On 1st July 2007 the parishes of St Mary the Virgin and St Peter & All Saints were united, bringing together three distinctive church communities in the centre of Nottingham. The new website of the united parish at nottinghamchurches.org is developing rapidly but there is still a lot of material on this site that has not yet been incorporated in the new, and it remains here as an archive.

Articles contents

All Saints'

An appreciation of All Saints' 1952 - 2004
The Unification - how it all happened
History of All Saints' Church, Nottingham
The organ of All Saints' Church
Our new partnership explained by Eileen
Introduction to All Saints' by a parishioner
Fitting the bill - Gilly Myers faces up to our situation
Striking the right note - two new treble bells at All Saints'
Calling the changes in the belltower

St Peter's & All Saints'

From outside looking in - what are we like?
Tuesday lunchtime communion at St Peter's
Why do I go to All Saints'? - Peter Moule
Why do I go to St Peter's? - Saxon Barrie
Why do I go to St Peter's? - Joan Graham
Why do I go to St Peter's? - Elizabeth Thums
Why do I go to All Saints'? - Maggie O'Connor
Why do I go to St Peter's? - Helena Lord
Why do I go to St Peter's? - Dennis Lord
What St Peter's means to me - Laura Smith


The Christmas I forgot God - and she forgave me
o.html">Introduction - to the new changes
Personal view - Richard Evans

Jubilee 2000

Introduction - cancelling world debt
Future loans - transparency is needed
Trip to Cologne - June 1999
Let the trumpets sound! - a summary at the end of 1999

Twentieth century martyrs

Martin Luther King
Maximilian Kolbe
Oscar Romero
Janani Luwum

Patron saints

Luke and Homobonus - patron saints of embroidery?
George Fox - founder of the Quakers
Martin de Porres - patron saint of race relations
St.Thomas Aquinas - patron saint of schools and universities
Antipodean saints - part 1
Antipodean saints - part 2
St John Chrysostom - the Golden Mouth

Saints of the month

Mary Slessor (January)
The conversion of Paul (January)
Stephen, Basil and Gregory (January)
George Herbert (February)
Polycarp (February)
Cyril & Methodius (February)
Valentine (February)
Chad (March)
Cuthbert (March)
John Donne (March)
Patrick (March)
William Law (April)
Eckhart of Hochheim (April)
St Bernadino of Siena (May)
Helena (May)
John of Beverley, Catherine of Bologna (May)
Justin (June)
Columba (June)
Barnabas and Evelyn Underhill (June)
Swithun (July)
Aidan (August)
Giles of Provence (September)
Gregory the Great (September)
Jerome (September)
Hedwig (October)
Francis of Assisi (October)
Wilfrid of Ripon, Teresa of Avila (October)
Margaret of Scotland (November)
Charles Borromeo (November)
Marcian, Martin and Cecilia (November)
Ambrose (December)
Lucy (December)
John of the Cross (December)
Wenceslas and Nicholas (December)

Church organisation

Eucharistic vestments - re-enter the chasuble...
Developing the structures of the Parish - four new committees
Daily Prayer - the latest Common Worship resource
"Common Worship" - an introduction to the new liturgy
Rectors and Vicars - what's the difference?
What is an Area Dean? - Eileen explains
Thanksgiving Service - what is it?
Children in our Church - the last eighty years
Our ministry of healing - how can it be developed?

Children and communion

A new proposal - the Rector
The requirements - the Assistant Rector
Two lay opinions - Churchwarden and PCC member

The City Debate

Introduction and forthcoming debates
By Law Established George Austin, Clifford Longley
Life or Death, who decides? (the Mary and Jodie case)
Eliminating Poverty - Clare Short
Racial Equality - Sir Herman Ouseley
Cloning - hopes and fears - Sir Colin Campbell
The "New Reality" and New Unionism - Bill Morris

Heroes of the Spirit

Rabbi Lionel Blue - Rowena Edlin-White
Fanny Crosby - Rowena Edlin-White
George Moberly - Andrew Deuchar
George Herbert - Robert Cockcroft
Thomas Cranmer - Alison Maddocks
John Wesley - Robert Cockcroft
Samuel Johnson
- Robert Cockcroft
Hildegard of Bingen - Robert Cockcroft
St Hugh of Lincoln - Robert Cockcroft
Hugh Latimer - Robert Cockcroft
Saint Peter - Eileen McLean
St Francis of Assisi - Brian Dunn
C. S. Lewis - Michael Leuty
Olivier Messiaen - Michael Leuty
General William Booth - Steve Artus
Temple Gairdner of Cairo - George Morley
Jehan Alain - Nigel Day
Teilhard de Chardin - Jim McLean

The Bible

Is it all Greek to you? - it should be!
Making the most of Matthew - Clarence Rickards
The Gospel according to St Matthew - Cathryn Riley
The Mystery of Mark - Clarence Rickards
The Gospel according to St Mark - Andrew Wallis
Looking into Luke - Clarence Rickards
The Gospel according to St Luke - Cathryn Riley
John - a different Gospel - Clarence Rickards
The Gospel according to St John - Michael Leuty
Beyond Belief - a personal reflection on John's Gospel
John 21: 1-25 - the final chapter
The birth & childhood of Jesus as shown in the Gospels
Some facts about Acts - Clarence Rickards
The Acts of the Apostles - Wally Huckle
Jesus at the lochside -the New Testament in Scots
Moses in Exodus - Andrew Smith
Defining the Distance - Robert Cockcroft (Gordon Jackson's new translations of the Psalms)
The prophet Jeremiah - an introduction by George Morley
Will the real Jeremiah please stand up - Clarence Rickards
Song of Songs, sex and the single girl - Clarence Rickards
Psalm 73 - grieving at the wicked, by Robert Cockcroft
Thessalonians - Anne Lockwood

The new Lectionary

Introducing the new Lectionary - Eileen McLean
Year C - the year of St Luke - Eileen McLean

The Church Year

Epiphany- more than an Arabian night
Candlemas - the end of Christmas
All Souls' Day - the faithful departed

Seasons of Worship 96-97

All Saints to Advent
Advent and Christmas
Candlemas to Lent
Holy Week and Easter
The Easter Season
Pentecost 2
Pentecost 3
Virgin Mary, St Matthew and St Michael
St Luke, St Simon and St Jude

The 'O' Antiphons for Advent


The Eucharist in slow motion - what is going on?: Clarence Rickards
Making space - the use of ritual in church: Ann R Parker
The Prodigal son - personal reflection by Ann R Parker
Bishop Jack Spong - autobiography reviewed by Andrew Deuchar
Twelve theses of Jack Spong
Faith & reason - in support of Jack Spong
Feminist Theology - Anne Lockwood
The Virgin Birth - symbol or truth? - Robert Cockcroft
A practical theology of Christian giving - Bishop Patrick
God and Science - Michael Leuty
Purgatory - Robert Cockcroft
Prayer in other faiths - Judaism - Robert Cockcroft
The Sacrament of Confirmation - Eileen McLean


Fourth Sunday after Easter - Robert Cockcroft
Fifth Sunday after Trinity - Robert Cockcroft
Easter Sunday - Robert Cockcroft

Poetry corner

Church Going with Betjeman and Larkin
Preparing for Baby - they also serve who only sit and knit
Healing service - with Asklepios
Elevenses - time for a cuppa
The Church in Hospital - has a visitor
An Iona Stone - an unimportant loss?
Anglican Quadrille - won't you join the dance?
Advent - waiting
I don't do death - only living
Seeing Salvation - meditation in an art gallery
St Peter's Angel - an image made and broken
The birth of Christ - by St John of the Cross
Peter - our Rock
Valediction - farewell to Leslie Morley
The Sidings - waiting for the Christmas Express
Hymn to the Holy Spirit - by Hildegard of Bingen
Patagonian performance - fish for tea
Temple building - in the mess of life
Grave clothes - darkness, darkness...
Sanctuary - more darkness falls
Trinity - four stanzas
Annual Service - check in now...
Claves Regni - whence came the name
Roof - you know He's up there...
Hymn of Transfiguration - if not us, who?
Peter the hero? - a man for our time
Midweek visitors - a fluttering in the dovecotes

Three towers
St Mary's tower - keeping watch through the centuries
Weathercock-crow! - (St Peter's)
All Saints' steeple - silent witness

Aspects of Death

It Is Safe To Turn Your Computer Off Now - for Jonathan Young

The Church worldwide

Beyond the structures - locally and worldwide
Mpume Mbonambi - our guest HIV / AIDS worker from Natal
Dominicans and Carmelites - two religious Orders
Building links between Southwell and Natal
Visit to Natal by representatives of our diocese
Thomas Bray - founder of the SPG
The USPG celebrates its tercentenary
The Christian Church in Korea by Hazel White of CMS
Archbishop Marona of Sudan - a visitor during One World week
The Church in North India recently visited by Hazel White
The Church Mission Society - two hundred not out!
Semana Santa 2000 - Holy Week in Spain
Visitor from Sierra Leone
Toc H - personal experiences of Ashley Collins


Link Letter - latest news from Simon Challand, our CMS Mission Partner
What the Church means to me - a view from Uganda
A Eucharist in Uganda - Simon Challand
A prayer for Florence - abducted by rebels


What do you know about leprosy? - R T Sears, gynaecologist
Weekday Christian - Dr Sue Baker, singing dentist
A day in the life of - Dr Jo Ratan, GP
Operating in Nepal - David Nunns, gynaecologist
Gynaecology Camp: Gulmi, Nepal 2003 - David Nunns, gynaecologist
Doctor's Appointment in South India - visit to a Christian hospital


The Outreach Team - working with rough sleepers
Homelessness Sunday - what can we do?

Fifty Years On

Four articles from 1995 to mark fifty years since the end of the Second World War.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer - George Morley
Joseph Goebbels - David Griffiths
George Orwell - Robert Cockcroft
Personal Recollections of the last two years of war - David Marshall

Ninety Years On

Several articles from 2004 to mark ninety years since the outbreak of the First World War.

The Cenotaph - our national memorial in Whitehall, London
The Unknown Warrior - in Westminster Abbey
The Menin Gate - a daily living memorial


David Marshall - our Church Architect remembered
Robin Hood arrested! - drama at St Mary's
Remembrance Sunday - a reflection
The Christmas I forgot God - and she forgave me
Victorian women hymn writers in Nottingham - Rowena Edlin-White
Dictionary for today - from "Uncle Nasty"
The real role model - a star near you?
Working with the Society of St Francis - at Alnmouth
Desert Island silence - in place of hymns?
On first looking into Charlotte Brontë - Clarence Rickards
The Scarlet Pimpernel - Clarence Rickards
Preaching at St Peter's - Simon Cartwright reports
Taste, decency and Jerry Springer - Clarence Rickards
Producing the parish magazine - Dennis Lord
How do you explain? (bringing up the young) - Sanja Moore
Christmas in Slovenija - Sanja Moore
On being a Christian and a solicitor - David Griffiths
How University has affected my faith - Victoria Stock
August Theatre - St Peter's remains open...
FLOSS - Free/Libre and Open Source Software
Retreating to Embroidery - Angela-in-the-Office gets her needles out
The Malt Cross Music Hall - a new use for an old building
Bell supremo! - the Rector's great-grandfather
Bell reflections by Bonhoeffer and Betjeman
Memories of Joyce Bromley - Hilary Evans
In reply to Bowlby - Sue Baker defends working mothers against the charge of deprivation
Child Protection in Southwell Diocese
The Iraq war - Bishop's letter and joint statement by faith leaders
What Christmas means to me - Matthew Pollard
Violence in Nottingham - the Bishop's letter
Coronation memories of 1952
The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust - progress report
The Church Army
All Saints, Radford - our linked neighbouring parish
The Crawford Cup - a recent success for our bellringers
True Sacrifice - the Holy Land this Christmas
The Crib - a meditation
Seeing Salvation - in the National Gallery
On being Father - Robert Cockcroft
The Myth of the Market - review of David Jenkins' book
Confessions of a Christmas Junkie - Cribs and knickers


Previous miscellanea, gone but not forgotten...

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