Peter the Hero?


Founder member of the Christian Church.
The Activist.
Always asking questions.
Bit like Corporal Jones, "I'd like to be the
First to volunteer, Sir!"
Unnerved by silence and the mystical.

He had to do something.

Walk on water,
Build three booths, "- I don't know -
We can't just sit here, doing nothing!
Don't worry Sir, I'm right behind you.
No one'll touch you while I'm here."

And Jesus weighs him up and thinks, "Oh yes?"

Did he ever change?
He stayed with Jesus longer than the others.
And when at last he also ran away,
It seems he minded more than anyone.
No hero after all. Only human. Unreliable.
Not fit to be trusted.

"Simon Peter, do you love me?"

"Lord - you know all things. Why do you
Keep asking me? You know I love you.
Tell me about John. What's he going to do?
Don't worry, Lord, I'm right behind you.
I'll feed your sheep. Organise a
World-wide church. Collect the Gospels,
Fix a conference or two. Train priests and
Put up really splendid buildings! Run
Coffee mornings. Have a Choir, eh?
How about... "

"Simon Peter, do you love me?"

Ann R Parker
St Peter's Church, Nottingham
Last revised 5th July 1997