Temple Building

I wrote Temple Building several years ago, as a metaphor for my life at the time. I am sending it in on account of current events at church for which this may have a certain relevance, but I should add that the current "temple builders" have been nothing like as disturbing as those in this poem!

Work on the Marks & Spencer extensionNow that the
scaffolding is completed,
The cathedral of my
life has taken shape enough
for God to bring in
stone and rubble.
Ballast for the hollow
pillars. In-filler for the
stone-faced walls.

The plan is for a
Strong and glorious abode
Soaring upwards in
Fan vaulted praise
Across the quiet serenity!
Like hands in prayer,
Upholding the vast canopy of
God. When this is done then
Shall I be at peace and
Know my God?

Meanwhile, the dustsheets
And the masons tools.
The calls of workmen
Tramping down the chancel.
The noise of radios or
Boisterous singing of the
Same two tuneless lines.

One day, O Lord, they will
Pack up their tools and leave
Forever, whistling as they go.
One day there will be peace and
Order, stone and harmony.

Meanwhile liturgy’s the blueprint.
A proven past
as promise for the future,
With which I may live through
The present.

Ann R Parker

St Peter's Church, Nottingham
Last revised 27th September 1998