Why do I go to St Peter's?

Joan Graham

Nearly four years ago, feeling disillusioned and desperately in need of being uplifted, my mind was made up to go and visit St Peter’s Church. I went to the 10.45 am service and I can still remember the sermon preached by Andrew Deuchar. I remember sitting next to Jo Ratan and we talked together after the service. I stayed for coffee and on leaving I knew that I would return to St Peter’s.

For the last year I have managed to attend the healing service. The hymns and the words used during this service are very comforting with a feeling that you are thoroughly cared about and supported.

From the age of five I went to Sunday school and I have many memories of attending the church where I grew up and all the activities involved, until I was thirteen years old. Whereupon I lost my nerve one day at school; and unfortunately I was quite affected by this happening and it changed my life somewhat. I now found it very difficult, sitting in certain places, with other people.

Over the years with much determination I managed to overcome this problem and at the age of 26, I began to attend church again and I was confirmed the following year.

Over the years that I have worshipped, I have met many people and made many friends. I doesn’t matter that I don’t see them all any more, because we are all part of the family of God.

Coming to St Peter’s helps me to face my problems. I have met and talked to many people who worship here. This has certainly been a Blessing to me.

Joan Graham

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