Why do I go to St Peter's
Tuesday lunchtime communion?

I’ve been going to the Tuesday lunchtime communion service at 1.15pm. for a few years now. It wasn’t until I was asked to write a short piece about why I come to that particular service that I had to look at why I keep coming back. Is it habit? Yes, to a certain extent, but it’s much more than that.

I like the communion service because it draws me closer to God. I feel the order of words and ritual focuses on the love of God and his grace for me, through the sacrifice of Jesus. The prayers also focus both on the specific and universal needs of the congregation and the wider world. The actual act of sharing the bread and wine brings this to a climax and is a communal act with other Christians.

I’ve drawn strength from coming to this short half hour service, not only at times of turmoil and distress, but at all other times too. I almost always leave feeling more at peace than when I arrive. I’m grateful that St. Peter’s has this Tuesday service as I prefer the more modern liturgy at the Tuesday one over the Thursday morning communion. The convenience of the church being at the centre of the city and the time of the service means it can be integrated into everyday life. It’s like an anchor and peaceful harbour in the busyness of the city.

I’ve seen different people come and go, both in the congregation and the clergy, but the service continues. It’s like a beacon of light, to continue the stormy seas analogy. Different clergy and some of the congregation bring their own special gifts and personalities to the service, which adds to its richness and diversity.

I feel a sense of intimacy and belonging, which is a little strange, because there is not much socialising, but the focus on the communion seems to unite us in the common bond of God’s love for us and for each other.


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