Common Worship: Daily Prayer

News of the latest Common Worship resource

Although the majority of Church of England churches have already been using Common Worship for over a year for their Sunday worship, we have had to wait until now for a Daily Prayer book. January 2002 sees the publication of this book and it has been well worth the wait, for it is a refreshingly accessible, flexible and wide-ranging resource.

A new departure for the Church of England - in two respects:

  • Prayer During the Day is a new and simple structure for prayer which could surround daily Bible-reading schemes, or suit people who are starting out on a daily prayer routine, or provide for people who want to add to their daily pattern of other services.
  • More variety: Daily Prayer provides a special form of Prayer During the Day, Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer for each day of the week and for each season of the Church’s year. There are also seasonal variations for Night Prayer.
What is in Daily Prayer?

The four main forms of service in the book are:

  • Prayer During the Day
  • Evening Prayer
  • Morning Prayer
  • Night Prayer

There are also various other useful elements:

  • Forms of penitence
  • All the Common Worship collects
  • A vast selection of other prayers
  • Seventy-nine canticles
  • The Psalter (with refrains and psalm-prayers)
  • Helpful ideas about music and singing, posture and movement, symbolism and the use of images
Who will use it?

Daily Prayer contains something for everyone, at any time of day, whether praying alone, in a parish church, a cathedral or a religious community. Individuals may decide to use it as a way of praying ‘in common’ with others.

An opportunity for you to have a say

The 2002 version of Daily Prayer is a preliminary edition. This gives you the chance to share your comments on it before the final edition comes out in 2005 (and you are invited to do so).

The bottom line?

It costs £10.

Gilly Myers
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Last revised 1st January 2002