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All Saints' Church, NottinghamNow that our PCCs have agreed to experiment with ways of working together, I have been asked to write a few words introducing All Saints' congregation to you at St Peter's.

Many of you know us already from the early morning Easter services and joint All Saints' Day services, so you will know that there are not very many of us! These days there are about thirty worshipping in the morning and perhaps twelve in the evening. We come from as far away as Bakersfield and as near as just around the corner.

One of our real strengths at All Saints' is our inclusiveness. I hope anyone arriving at church would feel welcome and find a place among us. Some of us are single and some married, some in relationships and some not. We are gay people and straight people, widows, widowers and single parents, black and white, unemployed and employed, students and retired people, healthy and not so healthy.

Admittedly, in terms of age at least half of us are over sixty and, apart from two babies and occasional visiting teenagers, the youngest people are in their twenties.

Everyone who can contributes often beyond the call of duty, particularly our churchwardens Maggie OíConnor and Arthur Bennett, but it is getting harder to find people to do all the necessary jobs.

Because of this we have not had much opportunity to meet people in the parish recently. The area is changing rapidly, with many new flats going up - which you can see as you come into town along Alfreton Road. Many older houses are now occupied by students. It is very encouraging that some new people have joined us in worshipping at All Saints recently. Possibly there will soon be others from the new housing.

It was a pleasure for three of us (Arthur, Clarence Rickards our Reader and I) to be invited to join your PCC Away Day on Saturday 16th June. We learnt a lot about St Peterís and its mission and began to get to know people. I hope you feel the same about us.

We look forward to getting to know more of you better and to exploring ways of working together.

Diane Mason

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