Why do I go to St Peter's?

Helena Lord

What a statement to answer with a blank sheet of paper!!

When I first came to St Peter’s, it was 1980ish – Malcolm Goldsmith was the “new” Rector and I was living in the Park on Newcastle Drive. It seems amazing to me when I put pen to paper that it is so many years since I first came to this wonderful church but, it also seems pretty amazing that I haven’t been coming here all my life as in many ways it feels like it!!

St Peter’s is a very special place. When I first started coming to Sunday Morning services, I was immediately enveloped into the warmth that seems to exude from it’s walls and all the people who are there. It is a very comforting place to be!! I find that whatever the occasion, St Peter’s always has the effect of being “right”. Whether it’s a sad day or a happy day, this church makes everything “alright”. The sadness is expressed and maybe a negative made into a positive and the joyous occasions are magnified to the highest degree. Week by week Sundays set me up for the week ahead and make me feel that there really is a purpose in this life we lead!

St Peter’s is an oasis in the desert. The ultimate time for me is always on Christmas Eve. We come into the church for the Carol Service at any time that afternoon and the city is buzzing with the last minute frenzy of people having to get things done before close of play that day. By the time we leave, a sense of relative calm has descended on the city and the buzz has declined to a low hum of expectation – Christmas is almost here!! Contrarily so, on every Sunday now the reverse effect is felt. Gone are the days when shops were rarely open on Sundays. Now the calm is outside before the Sunday 10.45 service and the frenzy is witnessed as we come out of the service. But even so, I for one can come away from St Peter’s on a Sunday morning feeling exhilarated and set up for the week ahead, even if I do encounter the retail hustle and bustle on my way home.

There is a vast mixture of emotions in being part of St Peter’s. We are privileged to have this Church and to be able to contribute towards it in whatever way we can and do. As and when and if I am ever able not to spend more hours at work than not, I would love to be able to be a “full timer” doing anything that needs to be done there! It’s very hard to put exactly into words what St Peter’s is and why I am so attached to it but perhaps others of you will know what I am trying to say.

The church upbringing is there (thanks Mum!) and has stayed with me throughout my life and I cannot imagine anything different. St Peter’s has just made it more meaningful and purposeful for me and I suspect for many others too.

Lastly I would like to say a very big “thank-you” to everyone for all of your good wishes and support expressed to me and Dennis as we approached and during and since our Wedding day in August. Neither of us will ever be able to express our gratitude to everyone enough! That has to be for me the ultimate day in my “Life with St Peter’s” - so far...!!

Helena Lord

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