Why do I go to All Saints'?

Maggie O'Connor

Like many other members of the congregation I used to live in the parish. Moving to Nottingham with close friends and family still living in the south of the England made All Saints' important to me, a sense of belonging.

All Saints' has seen me through good times, like Jack and Sarah's baptisms in 1987 and 1988, and Amy Ryan and Sarah's confirmation in later years. But most importantly, All Saints' was there for me during my husband's illness and after his death in 1989. All Saints' helped us spiritually and practically in so many ways. So I attended All Saints' with a grateful heart.

Going into a church you can often find the odd glove or umbrella, but my five children found and adopted a Grandma who became a very good friend to me too. She taught us so much about caring and sharing, despite her own illness which led to her death in 1995.

Over the years I have tried to give something back by sitting on previous PCCs, helping to organise Autumn Fairs, pastoral care, lots of other practical tasks, and three years as a Churchwarden.

Why do I go to All Saints'? God only knows!

Maggie O'Connor

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