Why do I go to St Peter's?

Dennis Lord

Hello, my name is Dennis Lord and I have recently become a member of the St Peter's congregation. In am recently married to the lovely Helena Lord née Cookson. I served in the Royal Air Force for 27 years and returned back to my hometown of Mansfield in 1998. I met Helena last year and the rest they say is history.

I started attending church earlier this year when I was asked by Helena to accompany her so I could be introduced to her friends at St Peter's. I was taken aback by the way I was instantly accepted into your congregation. I have never been a regular churchgoer but I found that I was missing the close friendship community that I had in the RAF. I found that through the church I was beginning to find this friendship once again. I didn't look forward to my initial visit to church but I now find I look forward to accompanying Helena when ever possible - and of course our wedding was in St. Peter's too.

At the moment I am not a strong believer and I find that my knowledge about God, Jesus and the church is somewhat lacking. I also feel that I am somewhat apprehensive about accepting the church and its beliefs. This is my problem because all of you have accepted me and I KNOW, that the door is open for me, when I am ready to enter. This is why I look forward to my visits on Sunday because the day will arrive when I will accept God, Jesus and the church. I realise that I have a lot to learn but I feel that I can give something back to others. Maybe without realising I am beginning to understand something about the way of our church by expressing MY need to give something back. I am now helping with the production of the magazine and this too will help me to become more involved with the St. Peter's community.

I wish you all well for the future and maybe through this new series of articles I will be able to read how others have come to live within this fine church congregation.

Dennis Lord

We are hoping this article will be the first in a series. Why do YOU go to St Peter's/All Saints? Alongside this we would like to run a series on being a weekday Christian. How has your faith influenced your choice of occupation or interests? Contributions on either subject welcomed by the magazine committee, please. (About 500-100 words.)

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