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No going back - Andrew Deuchar
Glory to God on the High Street - Advent letter
No power at St Peter's? - Christmas letter Where are we going? - uncomfortable change ahead
God at work - David McCoulough
Seeking our vocation - Chrissie Little
Outbreak of War - Andrew Deuchar
War and peace - Chrissie Little
A tale of two parishes a link to St Mary's Church
Holy Week 2004 - farewell to Mpume, hello to more change
First impressions of our new Associate Rector
Team work and the Funding Campaign
More changes in the New Year, 2004
Gifts and funding at Christmas
The place of the Bible in today's Church
What is the Church for? - good question
Taking stock, moving on - as summer turns to autumn
A time of crisis - for the Church of England
Alternative letter - by Mavis Pewarmer
Clergy and laity - doing or being?
Time in Barcelona - fulfilling dreams
The Iraq war - coping with tragedy and suffering
Equipping Arab servant leaders for the Arab world
Rowan Williams - the new Archbishop of Canterbury
What Jesus means to me - by Armorel Young Labels - what sort of Rector have we got, anyway?
A week in the life... of a Rector
Silent movies in sacred places - engaging with culture
Goodbye to Eileen, Hello to change - in the wake of Eileen's departure
Go to a land that I shall show you - Eileen follows God's call
Succentor at Durham - Gilly Myers' new job
National identity - and religious belief
Where is hope - this Easter?
Letter from America - prayer among world leaders
Establishment and the new Archbishop
A new start - in prayer
Christmas letter - from Andrew Deuchar
Advent thoughts - Eileen McLean
A wealth of ministries - the challenges of diversity
Response to terror - after Manhattan & Washington
Fitting the bill - facing the Church's current circumstances
Looking outwards - to new parish partnerships
Our mission - in the City centre
Waiting and hoping - to use our gifts
Our image - getting the message across
Of kites and ashes - the two faces of Lent
Celebrating the Anglican way in the face of disagreement
The Anglican Communion
Wake up, little baby God - it's Christmas
The Messiah - Comfort ye, my people
The revised liturgy - our Rector explains
Taken by surprise - in Gadara
The commercial chaplaincy - the Gospel in the city
God with us - through change and chance
The 2000th birthday - Pentecost & Jerusalem
A Reader writes - about foundations
God's promise - at Easter
Lent - withdraw but engage
Presentation - to God (Candlemas)
Of gifts and giving - our response to God
This was the moment - when Before became After
Autumn Days - waiting for God
The poor in spirit - are blessed
Does God throw dice? - asks Eileen
Busman's holiday - what will survive of us?
True religion - not just ritual
Come Holy Spirit... and renew the face of the earth
Love is the lesson - of Easter
A new step - for us and our Rector
A healing church - the laying on of hands
Penny dropping time - at Epiphany
Advent - hearing his voice
Christmas letter from a Reader
A time to... - use it wisely
A time to give thanks - Harvest
Creating from the heart - Marc Chagall
Trinity in the Holy Land - a living experience of the Trinity
On not doing it "My Way" - surrender to God instead
For ... press 1, for ... press 2. The work of the Holy Spirit
Mind the Gap. Holy Saturday
Children and Communion 2
Children and Communion - a proposed change in our practice
Ready for the Christ - incarnation in us
Always on the go - but appreciate the present
The leaves are falling... - trust in God
The recovered eyes of childhood - Thomas Traherne
But when you grow old... - the spiritual challenges of old age
Tourist or Pilgrim? Travel with expectancy...
Lost and found - known by God
A Pentecost people - commissioned by God
Easter Joy - Christ our eternal joy is risen
The Numbers Game - the role of the church in a changing world
Lent - A Wilderness Time - the desert as a path to God
A New Year - A New Commitment - consider having a Rule of Life
Christ in Christmas - two helpful ideas
The End in the Middle - foretold in Advent
Remembrance - overcoming the fragmentation of the world
An affluent life-boat? One World week
Angels - messengers of God
Weddings and related thoughts - relationships in a changing world
On loving sinners - what distinction between the sinner and his sin?

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