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Commercial Chaplain's letter - Advent 2004

Revd David McCouloughSpare a thought for those who will be working long hours this advent and Christmas. For some there is appreciation for overtime and some extra income, but for many there is little or no choice or particular benefit. Those working in retail or logistics (the supply chain) are under pressure at this time of year – longer hours, higher expectations, grumpy and often extremely rude customers – all this amidst the tinsel and glitter of stores and shopping centres.

Many working in the food and leisure industry again work under intense pressure in the build up to Christmas and of course the consequence of a 24/7 economy can be greatly increased demands on those working for the emergency services.

As you prepare for your Christmas this year be a polite customer, try and understand the pressures people are working with and give them a smile and a bit of encouragement. Show something of the generosity of God as you prepare for Christmas this year.

…and a letter from a well known seasonal character working long hours sent to a Worker’s Support Group !

Hi All!
I'm so happy to have found this group...
I work for a well-known world-wide toy distributor. I have a physical abnormality which makes me different than my co-workers and even the kindest of people can't help but stare. I'm afraid it would make me stand out in a dark room.
Most of my co-workers laugh at me and call me names - and one of them is a real Vixen. I'm never invited to join in any social activities or play on any company games such as the winter sports popular in my area.
As it turns out, I am the best one in my company to lead the distributing team during the holiday season and even my boss has had to acknowledge this. I am worried that after this season though, it will be business as usual - being treated like an animal.
All suggestions of how to cope are welcome!

Can you guess who?

David McCoulough
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