Seeking our Vocation

Assistant Rector's House - September 2004

Revd Chrissie LittleWhy is it that what some people do is called a vocation, and others just a job? Think of professions such as teaching, nursing, or ordained ministry, very often called a vocation. But what about a bus driver, or supermarket worker; and what about if you are unemployed, what then is your vocation?

Why does it matter? – I believe it matters because we have a tendency to judge people according to what they do rather than according to who they are; finding your vocation is a bit about knowing why you were put on this earth; and for many of us it is not so much to do with our jobs and working life but about our relationships, giving and receiving friendship; for others and particularly evident as I write this it is about going faster, longer, higher than anyone else, about being pushed to the limit, about achieving your very best. Well, we can’t all compete in the Olympics, but we can all seek to discover our vocation. There is a lovely verse from the New Testament that says, “I press on to take hold of THAT for which Christ Jesus took hold of me”. What is your THAT? What can you be part of that will make a difference? What do you think your life is about?

Within the Church we have sometimes acted as though we had all the answers to those kind of questions; I am not so anxious about the answers as I once was, but I need a place where I can ask the questions, and find people who will explore with me what my and their vocation might be; so I press on.

As a church and parish we also press on; asking questions about our place in this city, and what we might have to contribute to it being a good place to live, what we might have to offer to this city centre because of our location, our space, our openness, our belief in a God who loves everyone, and the responsibility to use our resources as well as we can at both churches. We are seeking our collective vocation.

Chrissie Little
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