Alternative letter

The pew at the back - July 2003

Mavis was asked to write this month's letter when it seemed no-one else could so we are including it anyway rather than disappoint her.

The magazine committee has asked me, Mavis Pewarmer, to do the letter of the Month. You know, the one that usually comes from the clever clergy people. They're all on holiday. I must say I'm ever so pleased that they've asked me! I think. I've got to think what to say now.

Actually it's two months. July and August. They don't do a magazine in August like they do for other months. Everything stops in August, in churches, have you noticed? I think God must go on holiday too. Packs his bucket and spade and goes to Skeggy. Well, people on holiday need God too, so I suppose we can't complain.

I must say, writing this letter is much harder than it looks. You'd think it was easy wouldn't you? Just reading it, as you do, all this clever thoughtful stuff, month after month. Well, mostly. I don't know how they do it...

The flowers in church are always lovely aren't they? And the choir! I do love the choir! And the organ. And the organist - he's lovely too! It's a nice church, St Peter's. Ever so old. All those stone pillars and things, and carved wooden angels on the screen just where the choir sits. Goes back a long way. In time that is. Makes you think, somehow. You know, all those people who've sat here years before, during wars and all that. Makes you feel you sort of belong. Like having roots. The prayers go back a long way too, some of them...

Oh I don't know! I don't know what to say! Expect they won't ask me again. They'll stick to the holy people in future. I don't even know how to end it...

I hope you all have a lovely summer and God bless the Rector. There!

Mavis Pewarmer
St Peter's Church, Nottingham
Last revised 12th July 2003