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Richard Maslen, February 2, 2007
Suffolk, UK
I have info re past choir members. Pl. email me with where to find your researcher.


Mark Garratt, December 27, 2006
Glendale, Arizona USA
I have done some Geneological research and it has led me to St.Peters church and a Cornelius Garratt (1804). I hope to visit your Church some day and experience the History first hand.

Gary Freer, December 13, 2006
For someone who still thinks of St Peters as his home church it is sad to see that one consequence of its absorption into a faceless spiritual conglomerate has been a failure to update Claves Regni regularly.

It's nothing to do with conglomerates Gary, it's down to human weakness - notably mine. But matters are in hand, I am gathering a mighty team around me and the website shall be changed, in the twinkling of an eye!

John Mansfield, December 9, 2006
St Luke's, West Bridgford, Nottingham
Hi - Recently I started producing CD's of Bible readings to background music and sounds from God's wonderful creation (birdsong, streams, ocean waves etc) I wondered if it would be possible for you to carry a link to my website
At the Inspiring Calm website people can listen to samples of the Inspiring Calm CD: Scriptures and reflections read to a calming background of soothing music, birdsong, gentle streams and ocean waves.
In my own local church (St Luke's, WB, Nottingham) people are using the CD as a cell group/home group resource, playing a track or two as a lead in to a time of prayer or worship. Individuals are using the CD during the week as a way of drawing close to God in the midst of busy times.
I hope you will be able to consider a link. God bless your ministry at St Peter's

Tim Moore, December 5, 2006
Oxford/South of France
I downloaded the choir's Cambrai performance of Britten's Hymn to the Virgin today. Excellent, though I found the tempo just a little too slow. There is perhaps a tempo threshold below which the lilt of the music is not sufficiently apparent. The recording was fine with MP3, but I found that the OGG version was not accepted by my RealPlayer, which invited me to go to them online for an add-on, but then said it didn't have one, though you do say that RealPlayer should handle that format (which was new to me).
I like your site, though if it were me, I should consider going over to XHTML (Transitional or Strict), and avoid the use of the "table" tag for formatting.

Charles Amegah, October 17, 2006
needs bibles too.boxa147 La-accra ghana west-africa.

Richard Cragg, October 17, 2006
Carlene Reilly Monday Oct 20 2003 Would love to reply to Carlene's Email.It appears we have and are researching the same family,as I'm neally at a standstill.I was looking at the church photos and bumped into your site quite by accident.yours sincerely, Rick

I've forwarded Carlene's email address.

Jeanette N Freeland, October 11, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario
My last entry was awhile ago but I am still looking for some information about Sir Justice Thomas Codde I would like to know if he had any children and who they were? Are any of his decendence still living in Norfolk or are they spread throughout England.

Mauren Roberts, September 30, 2006
Hi I am interested in St Marys because the Simmon(d)s family had a connection with the church, a lot of the relatives were baptised there,I go back as far as Stringer Simmonds born 1698 I did receive an e-mail from Len Simmonds who is part of your church administration and he was going to keep in touch if he found out anything about the old Stringer, I have since changed my e-mail address so maybe he did try to make contact,One day I would love to visit and maybe catch up with some long lost relatives, Stringer Simmonds was my GGGGGGGG Grandfather.What a magnificent church!!!!!

Janet Driver, September 28, 2006
London, UK
I discovered your website "by accident" whilst searching for "St Michael & All Angels"... Up came "Angels so what?"... & I enjoyed thinking further on Rublev & Jacob's ladder. Thank you! I may return sometime... Janet.

Elizabeth How, September 11, 2006
Durban South Africa but now living in Oxford
I am researching my family history. Two of my Great Great Uncles and a Great Great Aunt were baptised in St Peters. George How 1827, Edward How 1829 and Elizabeth How 1831. Their Parents were Dixon How and Elizabeth How who I believe came from either Beeston, Lenton or Sneinton. I plan to visit Nottingham at some time or other and will definitely make a point of attending one of your Sunday services. I have spent my lunch time viewing your site and have found it very inspirational.
Your in Christ - Elizabeth

Theophilus Yalley Nana Acquah, September 3, 2006
Please i want you to send me some bibles or book sothat i can read it.thanks

Pastor Jose Thomas, August 29, 2006
A greeting in the marvels name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who is coming soon.
It is a great privilege and joy for me to share my heart feelings to you never I seen. Sir, I am Pastor Jose Thomas, have been facing many problems here to live in Kawardha city (North India) because of the antichrist group. I was a Police Officer resigned and jumped in the ministry of God because of the divine visions of God. God blessed me many areas in different ways at the same time I have been in trouble because the sake of Jesus Christ. 12th times I have taken 40 days fasting and prayer also, especially during the year of 2006 I have been fasting and prayer more than 120 days. I have wife and two sons Joshua Jose four years and Joel Jose 8 months old.
With the ministry of God I have been running an English Medium School to arrange the financial needs of the Indian Missionary Movement. We are running school in rented building since 1999. My house owner has sold the school building to some one but he is not interested to gives building to us to run school. With the help of BJP (Antichrist Political Party) group he has failed case against us to Government. The antichrist groups compliant against school because of insufficient well equipped rooms and other facilities. At any time they can be cancelled school registration without any pre information because the BJP Government is ruling our State.
My supplication before God is to construct school and Church building. This academic session more than 100 students has taken Transfer Certificate from our school because of the 125 years old school building at any time the roof can fall down, number of times it was happened also. Because of this reason we didn’t get sufficient new admission how the previous academic session.
Sir, it is my humble request to you, if God’s mercy is inspired in your heart to mercy up on the Indian Missionary Movement, kindly do, it will be a great blessing in this land.
Yours truly, Pastor Jose Thomas, Indian Missionary Movement, Holy Kingdom English High School, Post Box 2, Kawardha-491 995, Chhattisgarh State, North India.

Olawumi Paul Femi, August 29, 2006
I am a pastor ministering to the people at getto where most people are full of evil doings to preach to them at time seems dangerous to lif but givening tracts can made the work more easier than one think of o b a partner with God in this tadk oif winning the people at getto.

Bipin Keshari Rijal, August 16, 2006
I'm Christian. I found him last two years ago. when I meet him as my savior I wept loudly and now I always weep when I start to pray. He gave me salvation. I praise Him, paise the Lord.
Im a member of Ashish Church. We have a small room in rent for prayer and for sundayservice. It is too small that we cant sit freely we have to sit overlaping each other. So now we bought a small piece of land with the grace of Lord. So I request you for Making my Holy Ashish Church. Kindly pray for my Church.

Ray Pane, July 29, 2006
Shalom.... i m happy to find this site. I'm Ray from Bali. very nice to see still many people love Jesus. God Bless you all.

Di Jenkins, June 15, 2006
Kent now, Nottingham as a child
Very sadly we lost such a terrific chap this week, my godfather David Marshall. A man with so much grace thought for others and just one of Gods wonderful people. I am aware he was still writing with Michael Payne about the church and i will endeavour to help see that publication to the end as a very fitting memory. I like many will miss him tremendously but all we can do is thank God he took him in his arms quietly and he suffered no more pain. To a man who was so loved God Bless your loving goddaughter.

Bruce Davidson, May 22, 2006
New Zealand
My interest is choral music, especially that sung by church choirs.

Gary Freer, Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Hertfordshire, UK
Sorry to see that the online magazine has not been updated since Christmas - for exiles like me it is a valuable way of keeping in touch.

I'm sorry to have fallen behind in updating the site, but I'm very glad that you noticed! Updates are due soon.

Huriye Hancerli, Friday, February 24, 2006
I am Huriye Hancerli from Cyprus. I am 21 years old and I will be a postgraduate student of Nottingham University in September, for a year. I am also a musician. I have been playing the piano since 7 years old, the recorder (Blockflute) for 2 years and traverse flute for a year. Beside, I am a chorister (soprano) in my University's BACH CHOIR for 4 years. We have at least 4 concerts every year and I am also playing the recorder in a german orchestra that give concerts twice a year.
I really want to sing in a church when I come to Nottingham. What should I do in order to apply your choir? Some scholarships are also mentioned in your website. Do I have to pay in order to sing? I can also get some reference letters from my teachers.
I am looking forward to receive a message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your enquiry. Email our music director who will arrange a brief audition when you arrive. Just bring yourself and your voice. You don't have to pay anything! We look forward to seeing you.

Wisdom  Weyinmi  Atseyinku, Thursday, January 19, 2006
Delta  State, Nigeria
Well i will its for me to be allowed to add my name.I thank you all.

Elisabeth Sietses, Tuesday, January 17, 2006
The Netherlands
Just read the interesting article by Michiel Leuty on C.S. Lewis (1996). Recently I have become very interested in the works and life of this very special human being. Reading in the article on his "long time relationship starting when he was 20 - with a much older woman, I have some comments to make.
C.S. Lewis promised his Irish fellow soldier in the trenches of World War I then when either of them would be killed the other would take care of their wive or mother. In Lewis's case, his friend Paddy died and true to his word C.S. Lewis set up house with his brother Warnie AND took Paddy's mother and later her daughter and sister. Just like he had promised.
It is easy in this day of age to suggest what you are suggesting (and such a much older woman at that!) but reading about the man he was I think there nothing more than a friendly and caring relationship. Nothing less and nothing more. I would like you to know my opinion on this matter.
Thank you for attention. With regards, Elisabeth Sietses

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Ed Grummitt, Friday, December 30, 2005
Nottingham, UK
Just a belated line to thank everybody concerned in Kendrick's 80th birthday concert last October - and to thank Mr. Partington himself for his teaching at NHS in the 1950s and 60s. The man is a legend in his own lifetime.

Paul Gennrich, Sunday, December 4, 2005
Georgia, USA
Cantor, Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church
I came to your homepage thru the hymn page, but was deeply moved by the sermons I read, particularly those relating to 9/11/2001 and to the London bombings. Thank you for the eloquence of the messages in those sermons. May God bless and keep you all.

Helen F. Hall, Saturday, December 3, 2005
Ashland, Kentucky, USA
This is a great site. I was on it a couple of years ago and lost it, so today I just kept searching and was happy to find it again.  Thank you for all you do in God's loving ministry.

Evelyn G. Hughes, Saturday, December 3, 2005
North Carolina, USA
Has your choir ever made a CD?  I found your page with the choir singing "Panis Angelicus" and was enchanted.  It is the most beautiful I have ever heard.  I would buy it in a minute if it were available.

We have not (yet) produced a CD, but if and when we do it will certainly be advertised on this site.

Richard D. B. Talbot, Sunday, November 27, 2005
Unionville, Ontario, Canada
My grandfather Richard Bevan Pyper (after whom I am named) was curate of All Saints 1895 - 1904.  I know his family had a long association with the Nottingham area (his father The Rev Thomas Pyper was vicar of New Radford and Richard was baptised there in 1868).  Sadly my mother was the last Pyper in her branch and she recently died.  Can ayone put me in touch with any other related Pypers?
Lt-Col (Ret'd) Richard D. B. Talbot CD
The Old Farmhouse, 10 Station Lane, Unionville, Ontario, Canada L3R 1R3
talbot (at) talbotconsultants (dot) com

Gary Freer, Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Hertfordshire, UK
I was surprised to read the Rector's comment that to glory in the defeat of the French at Trafalgar would be 'wrong in every way.' Nelson's victory saved Britain from the threat of invasion by a brutal dictator who would have subjugated this country and destroyed its traditions and freedoms  - and probably the Church of England too for that matter.
I am not in the least ashamed to have said a prayer of thanks for that.
Best wishes, Gary

Brian R Gillard (Priest - ACC), Wednesday, October 26, 2005
London, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for a great site and providing another informative, innovative and vital link to cherished roots in the CofE.  I will be coming back often to drink from the well-spring.  Once again, thank-you and God's continuing blessings.

Angela Brown Friday, September 30, 2005
Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, UK
This site is a gem - informative without being dry.  The medieval churches of Nottingham are very impressive and this site really does them justice.  Many thanks!

Rebecca Wynne-Thomas Sunday, September 18, 2005
Weymouth, Dorset, UK
I used to live in Nottingham, just over two years ago, and now my home is in Dorset.  I was directed here via an American website newsletter and was pleased and surprised to see the church I quite often popped into for some peace and quiet and prayer during a too busy day in the city centre.  :o) :o) It seems all paths really do lead to home - eventually!

Marjorie Thursday, July 21, 2005
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Thanks to all of you who have created this wonderful site. I happened upon it when I searched for one of my favorite hymns of all time, "The Church's One Foundation". I am glad I found your site and will enjoy it for many lunch breaks to come here at work in Atlanta, GA USA With blessings and prayers...

Alan Nixon Sunday, July 10, 2005
Lowton, Wigan, Lancashire, UK
Excellent site inspired me - Thank you.

Brian Ozenbrook, Thursday, July 7, 2005
Lancashire, UK
please can anyone help me with my familey name OZENBROOK i think it comes from this area and is ass.with St.Peters.

Rev.  Adam Jonathan Saturday, July 2, 2005
No 46 Iguikpe Street, off Useh Road, Useh Quarter, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, Africa
Greetings to u in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please sir my name is Pastor Jonathan, i am in charge of evangelism in my church. sir, you that un converting souls for our Lord,we need to be fully ready. And these new converts need to study the word of God,from the tender stage. Sir that is why we need to distribute  these bibles to them, for studies. pls sir if u can help us with some copies of bibles,we will be very grateful. i will be waiting for your reply. Urs in His Vineyard. Pastor Jonathan.

Fiona Owen, Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Nottingham, UK
why can churches not put chappell records on line to know who prayed at that church in history i believe at one time every one had to go to church or pay a fine a valueble point of iterest or even who was buried around a church and history of people involved in church running god bless all those visiting this site fiona

All our records of baptisms, marriages and burials since the sixteenth century are available in the Nottinghamshire County Archives. Listing everyone who ever worshipped at St Peter's just isn't practical because we don't know who they all were.

A visitor, Thursday, June 9, 2005
Nottingham, UK
How much does it cost to advertise on Has the current priest-in-charge of St Mary's funded the current full page "dog whistle" advert for a project for St Mary's to take over St Peter's and All Saints?


Due to an oversight by your webmaster, the Visitors' Book was not working between late February and early May this year. Mea culpa! If you made an entry in the Book and it has not appeared, please forgive me and submit it again.

Elizabeth Burke, Thursday, February 3, 2005
Ashland, Kentucky, USA

Denis Vinatier, Monday, January 24, 2005
I would be grateful if you should tell me the email address of Dr Nunns who worked in Nepal and who has written a paper in your periodical. Thank you.

Noel K.Cockings, Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Dear Vicar, I am sure that you will look the absolute in ecclesiastical beauty when you 'float' in with your chasuble on 'high' and 'holy' days.  What a wonderful form of evangelism in your parish dear Vicar.

Sophie Dobson, Thursday, December 9, 2004
Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, UK
It's a good site. i have applied to Nottingham University, and pending an offer I would be interested in joining your choir. I am an alto and would be there from Sept 2005.

Martin Heath, Tuesday, December 7, 2004
Daventry, UK
Marvellous website.   I visited the church a few times for concerts etc when I lived in Nottinghamshire during my childhood.   Kendrick Partington was my music teacher at Nottingham High School.  I now present a Sunday morning programme on BBC Radio Northampton.

June Lloyd, Sunday, November 14, 2004
Coventry, UK
Why do you think through passage of time people always question whats written in the scriptures. Isn't this meant to be a learning process for us all, asking god for guidance and hopefully your prayers answered. Sitting annalysing the bible, dosn't necessarily give you the right answers. What the lord asks in people he seeks. What we ask of ourselves isn't always gods way. thankyou june x

Kerry, Thursday, November 11, 2004
Nottingham, UK
Hi. I was just wondering if anyone knows on what days the little free trade shop in st peters centre is open, thanks

The shop is open every weekday from 11am to 2pm.

David Beauchamp, Saturday, October 30, 2004
Christ Church, Stone, Staffordshire, UK
What a fantastic website! Great to see All Saints' doing so well and now with an illustrious partner.  I was a resident of John Perkins House in the mid-eighties and have completely lost touch with everyone - it was good to see Clarence is still making typically erudite contributions.  If he or anyone else remembers me, I would love to get back in touch...

Sharon Bentley, Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Ontario Canada
Searching for information on a church in Nottingham in 1945 called All Soul's. Can you give me any guidance?

There is an All Souls' Church in Radford, at the junction of Ilkeston Road and Lenton Boulevard. The original church was built in 1894 when the parish separated from St Peter's, Radford. The original building was demolished and the church rehoused in a smaller modern building in the 1990s. See

E Harris, Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Hertfordshire, UK
I am not an Anglican - I am not in sympathy with any Religious groups. In the course of research, I occasionally trip over religious sites: they range from nauseous to barking mad.
Your site was a real delight, busy, wide ranging, welcoming, rational and most of all very sane. My point of entry was Lesley Morley's explanation of the difference between vicars and rectors. Very helpful but the exposition nicely spiced with wit. That prompted me to look closer.
Thank you for making your material available to heathens! I have bookmarked and will sneak a look from time to time. Ed.

You are very kind. That is very much what I was hoping for when I set up this site long ago (in 1996). I am grateful for the support of successive Rectors, and for all the material provided by the staff and parishioners, sine qua non.

Emmauel patras, Wednesday, September 29, 2004
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Trusting the LORD to make this dream reality and to provide our needs. May be you would like to be part of this INDIAN Project by being a prayer partner and also by setting a part of donation towards the great need.
Let us look up to the Lord.
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obed, Sunday, August 22, 2004
please sir/madam,
please can u send me a bible through my poster address, my poster address is obed ahensah,p.o.box7280,accra-north,ghana..
thank u and may god bless u.bye

oluwashiikemi ganiu adetola, Thursday, July 29, 2004
i want to believe that it is well

Lanayre Liggera, Thursday, July 15, 2004
Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Hello, I am searching for a hymn. "One Day's March Closer to Home," a favorite of General Chinese Gordon--Victorian period. Would you know of it?

Michelle Hanson, Wednesday, July 14, 2004
The Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King, Freeport, The Bahamas
A search for hymns led me to your website. Thank-you for making your magazine available to the public. It was both informative and entertaining and I shall surely share my findings in our parish newsletter (Get a Life with Jesus Christ) which we hope to have available on-line by the end of the summer 2004. May God continue to bless you and your readers.

JULIAN NDUBUISI, Tuesday, July 13, 2004
keep the flame up because compassion is only the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see

Clare Usmar, Saturday, July 10, 2004
West Malling, Kent, UK
Have your choir ever considered making a CD? They're very good. I shall come back again and again to listen to those pieces on the music page!! Great site - well done for using open source too!

Thank you for your kind comments. A CD is certainly being considered.

Christina McKerrow Saturday, May 1, 2004
Bath, Ontario, Canada
I am a parishioner at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario. I am also the editor of our magazine: the Georgian. Our next issue will be distributed on May 16th - Rogation Sunday - and I was looking for something of interest that would tie in with articles that have been submitted, that would also be relevant to the Sunday before Ascension Day, and the spring season. (Somewhat later than yours) I came across your Beating the Bounds article which has given me some ideas for my editorial. Thank you.

Okwunwa Festus Sunday, April 25, 2004
I am a Nigerian who have just apply for Msc in Mechanical Engineering in your university (Nottingham) as an international student. Also, I worship with Reedemed Cristain Church Of God hear in Nigeria.

Saxon Barrie Sunday, April 25, 2004
Sherwood, Nottingham, UK
Thank you for such an informative on-line magazine. Disappointing not to be able to read each sermon as presented. Digesting an address of '03 has encouraged me to discover more! Many thanks for the welcome. God bless.

Ryszard Thursday, April 15, 2004
Hello! I have a question. Is St Peters Church a catholic church? With regards, Ryszard

Thank you for your question. The word "catholic" which means "universal" really applies to the whole Christian church. However when people say "catholic" they usually mean "Roman Catholic" which is the branch of the church based in Rome with the Pope as its head. The Anglican church was founded by King Henry VIII because of a dispute with the Pope at that time. Since then the Anglican church has had the King or Queen of England as its "head", but its "primate" (most senior clergyman) is the Archbishop of Canterbury. St Peter's has been a place of worship in Nottingham since the 11th century, so it is fair to say that it was a Roman Catholic church prior to Henry VIII and has been a catholic church ever since.

Chris Sykes Thursday, April 1, 2004
Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK
I 'dropped in' to look round and remind myself of the very warm welcome I had when I helped Paul Carpenter with a youth group musical theatre project many years ago. A very interesting and uplifting site!

Rosemary Brough Tuesday, March 2, 2004
Alsager, Cheshire, UK
My comment is a question: when are you going to update your visitors' book? The last entry was April 2003 and here we are, March 2004. It seems pointless for people to add comments if you are going to ignore them.

I have been rightly chided for not keeping this Visitors' Book up to date. I can only plead lack of time, and what seemed to be more pressing responsibilities. This website is, for better or worse, very much a "one man show". The missing entries have now been added, so feel free to browse.

Patricia Stone Friday, January 30, 2004
Villa Park, California, USA
I have enjoyed browing through your site. We have visited England many times, but never Notingham. I am a member of Orange First United Methodist Church, where I am a choir member and also teach periodic adult sunday school classes. I also participate in an ecumenical Bible Study, in which we are now studying the Gospel of Luke. I enjoyed reading the piece about Luke by Cathryn Riley. Thank you for making your wealth of information available to us throughout the world. God bless all! Patricia

Fr Richard Major Monday, January 26, 2004
St Mary's, Staten Island, New York, USA
Dear St Peter's: Congratulations on a dazzlingly great site! We have recently been constructing our own parish site (, and yours is one of the most interesting, intelligent and attractive models we've discovered. Thank you for it -- especially the section of hymns. RJCM

Owen A. Curry Friday, January 23, 2004
Nassau, The Bahamas
New every morning is the Love..... unmerited favor of God!

Willlam W. Hicks Sunday, January 18, 2004
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Enjoy visiting your site from time to time and reading about your ministries and activities. I am a member of the First Baptist Church of Montgomery, AL USA.

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