Parochial Church Council notes, July 2001

What weíve been doing on your behalf

The new PCC was elected at the Annual Parish Meeting on April 24th 2001. Our members are:

  • Revd Canon Andrew Deuchar
  • Revd Eileen McLean
  • Revd David McCoulough
  • Heather Alcock
  • Liz Alexander
  • Leri Burden
  • John Burr
  • Keith Charter
  • Helena Cookson
  • Laurie Crawforth
  • Esther Elliott
  • Hilary Evans
  • Hubert Gale
  • Peter Hoare
  • Ian Holland
  • Alison Maddocks
  • Richard Medford
  • Peter Moore
  • Chipo Muparadzi
  • Charles Myers
  • Ann Parker
  • John Puxty
  • Mike Rossiter
  • Andrew Wallis

Thereís an open invitation to people to volunteer to become Stewards. Most of us serve at eight 10.45am services a year and occasional 6.30pm services. Our preferences are taken into account e.g. Taizť, Morning Prayer. Please let Frank Riley know if you would like to join the Team. It would be helpful to have more volunteers for the rota and Ďspecial eventsí. Itís a pleasant sociable activity which enables you to get to know members of our congregation.

You will know that Joyce Savage stood down as Electoral Roll Officer at the APM. At the May PCC meeting Helena Cookson was elected to succeed her. Joyce nonetheless did valiant work compiling the Parish Statistics for return to the Diocese in May. This involves counting all who attend services on five Sundays from Easter (and adjusting for those who attend more than once on the same day). This is not part of the Electoral Roll Officerís official duties but something Joyce has done in addition for many years. It also involves accounting for Christmas and Easter attendances. We shall be looking for volunteers to assist in this process in future years.

The Tower Appeal has moved into its public stage with a launch on 26th April. The PCC agreed that invitations to contribute should be made to members of the congregation at this stage.

We are trying to get PCC meetings organised more efficiently. Try as the Chairman might, they can run on after 9.30pm. So we have asked Sub Committees to programme their meetings so that Minutes can be channelled through the Standing Committee which prepares the PCC Agenda and can highlight important issues for inclusion on the Agenda.

A very important issue is the Deaneryís initiative to link the strong Inner City parishes with those which are less well resourced with clergy and with congregation members able to contribute to maintaining their churches and parish life. St Peterís is linked with the Radford churches - All Saints, All Souls and St Peterís. We responded to the Deanery Audit in the Spring indicating what physical and personal resources we could contribute to the Deanery, and to Radford in particular. Donít be surprised if you are asked to help a neighbouring church by offering your skills or expertise in coming months. (Be assured no-one was identified by name, but we have committed to share the wealth of skills which we have.)

All Saints has been linked informally with St Peterís for many years. We have shared in their Patronal Festival regularly. The demography of the parish has changed dramatically in recent years and as a consequence the congregation has diminished. Our clergy and Readers are supporting them and their part time Priest in Charge. At their recent AGM the congregation expressed a wish to work more closely with St Peterís.

Some members of All Saints joined the PCC at an Away Day at The Vine on Saturday 16th June when we considered St Peterís Mission and how we could relate to our inner city community, including neighbouring churches. We are pursuing ways in which our two parishes can work together in the future.

Andrew is keen to establish a Fair Trade Shop at St Peterís and we are considering ways in which this can be done.

The plans for refurbishing the Sanctuary continue. No specific developments yet.

Please let PCC members know what you think about what we are doing. Buttonhole a member of the PCC on Sunday morning, or phone e-mail me hilary_evans at peoples dot ac dot uk and I'll pass it on to the next meeting.

Hilary Evans, PCC Secretary
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Last revised 15th July 2001