Focus on Creation and Creativity

October 2006

Something a bit different for October! We will be linking up with a number of events and partners in the city to reflect on the multifaceted generosity of God in creation and in the gifts bestowed on us. Each Sunday will relate to this theme and we hope the sermons will be challenging and informative.

October 1st

This will be our traditional Harvest Thanksgiving weekend reflecting on the goodness of God in creation, but also the needs of many unable to enjoy that goodness. Our focus this year will be Water Aid. We hope that both parishes will once again come together for a Harvest Supper and further details about this will be published as soon as possible.

October 8th

We will be celebrating the creativity of the Fairground at the annual Goose Fair. Re-visiting the historic links between St Peter’s and Fairground folk we will be involved in a number of initiatives throughout the fair with other local churches. This will include Roly Bain, a holy fool who will clown around the fair, a marquee on the fairground as a place of safety and support, and a base for fairground chaplains, who will mingle amongst the crowds. It will all culminate with a service on the Fairground on Sunday at 10.30 a.m. using part of one of the gallopers rides as a focus.

October 15th

We will celebrate the work of the Chaplaincy to Commerce & Industry with a particular focus on Creative Businesses in Nottingham. One of these, Broadway Cinema, will be opening the newly re-developed cinema and centre for creative industries this weekend.

During October, Broadway will screen a series of films on Sundays that relate to our themes of Creation and Creativity. More details in October’s magazine.

October 22nd

This weekend we celebrate the work of Henry Kirk White, poet and hymn writer. Guest speaker after Evensong at St Mary's (during which we will be singing some of Kirk White's hymns) will be the Dean of Hereford., the Very Revd Michael Tavinor, who will speak on the theme of Hymnody in the 21st Century, since this year is also the centenary of the publication of the English Hymnal. There will also be a Coffee Break Concert at St Peter's (11am. Saturday 21st), exploring different aspects of hymns and hymn tunes, a seminar on Kirk White at Bromley House Library, and, I hope, a walk from Clifton, a favourite haunt of his, to Wilford where he lived, ending in St Wilfrid’s Church with a reading of his poem Clifton Grove.

Over this same weekend, Broadway Cinema hopes to show a rarely seen documentary profile of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

October 23- 29th - One World Week

October 23- 29th is One World Week and we will come full circle from Harvest reflections to thinking about our common humanity and common responsibility for the whole of creation. We are expecting to host a special evening service at St Peter's on 29th to mark One World Week, with a guest preacher to help us to celebrate the theme.

October 25th- 29th GameCity Festival Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University are lead hosts of what is likely to be a unique festival focusing on the increasingly influential world of gaming (arcade games, PC games, online games etc). Leading designers, artists, composers and academics from around the world will be participating. They will be organising a concert in St. Mary’s on Saturday 28th October at 2pm. More details on this and other events will be in the October magazine.

We hope there will be something of interest for everyone with this diverse programme which we’ve worked to produce – not many other churches will be thinking of harvest and creative businesses or hosting gamers, mixing with the world of fairs and a festival celebrating hymn writers!

David McCoulough

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