A wonderful send-off

George and I are still staggered by the warmth, generosity (and cunning) of the farewell to us both on Easter Day. It was overwhelming to experience your kindness and affection and certainly carried us through the difficult two weeks of moving that lay ahead. The very generous things that were said and the magnificence of the presentations to us both left us amazed. My delight in penmanship had clearly come to someone’s notice - I love the Mont Blanc fountain pen and you can expect more handwritten letters than word processed in the future. That will be to my pleasure in using the pen if not to yours as you try to read my handwriting - but Angela will interpret. George is using her retractable fountain pen in her new executive role to the fascination of her colleagues who have not seen such wonders in this far away place. The cheque for the astonishing sum of 1,700 will go, as you hinted heavily to us, on an adventurous holiday - probably next year and probably to Syria. Thank you so much for such signs of your love. We do not feel we deserve it.

Special thanks also to the Magazine Committee who in a short time produced a very professional publication in which my sins were revealed in a number of glossy photos. Thanks to all who submitted this damning evidence - you will be hearing from me!

Fitting the Rectory into a three bedroom Victorian cottage has been a challenge and already our most frequented route is to the local tip. But things are gradually finding a place and we are grateful for a spacious loft! We moved in accompanied by snow, sleet and rain - a truly northern welcome! Nevertheless we have found everyone very friendly and the church in Northallerton has been very welcoming. We do miss St Peter’s, the people and the worship, but then that is how it should be. The cards and notes that many of you have sent to welcome us to our new home have been a lovely reminder that we are still in your thoughts and prayers as you are in ours. Thank you for helping us to "fare well".

Leslie and George Morley

St Peter's Church, Nottingham
Last revised 30th April 1999