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The Christian Children's Fund

ReynaThis is a slogan used by British Airways, yet it could equally be the slogan for The Christian Children’s Fund. When we heard about the CCF it touched a place in our hearts and as committed Christians we saw a way to help positively with a problem - albeit 6,300 miles away.

All children deserve the chance to make the best of themselves and their lives - to have access to shelter, decent food, clean water and basic medical care. Many children around the world are trapped by their own environment, poverty, poor nutrition, disease and ignorance. If we do nothing their children will suffer the same plight.

Las Americas is a slum area to the south of Lima, the capital of Peru. CCF first began work there in 1992. It borders El Nazareno and is in a harsh, hilly terrain resembling a sand pile, void of any vegetation. The streets are not paved and there is no running water. The community comprises 1200 families and 60% are under 15 years of age. Most families live in squatter homes and come from inland Peru, now there because of being displaced due to political violence and terrorism. Not a pretty picture is it? Not where we would like to imagine our children growing up.

Reyna is our child in Peru. She has just turned seven years old and lives with her mother, father and brother in a one-roomed house made of wooden boards with a corrugated roof, no water or drainage system. Nigel and I sponsor Reyna, and now she goes to school and her whole family is helped by being a part of the CCF programme in Lima.

Reyna's pictureLast week we received a picture from Reyna which to us was wonderful and has pride of place in the kitchen. There are other children just like Reyna who need your help now - direct help so they can begin to help themselves to the lives they deserve.

The cost to you would equate with one theatre ticket per month, or one less toy for your child this Christmas! If you feel this is something you would like to hear more about please come and talk to Nigel or myself at church.

Chrissie Day
St Peter's Church, Nottingham
Last revised 1st November 1998