On 1st July 2007 the parishes of St Mary the Virgin and St Peter & All Saints were united, bringing together three distinctive church communities in the centre of Nottingham. The new website of the united parish at nottinghamchurches.org is developing rapidly but there is still a lot of material on this site that has not yet been incorporated in the new, and it remains here as an archive.

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Magazine editorials

Hospitality - Andrew Deuchar
Clutter - Stephen Morris
Change and vision - Andrew Deuchar
Pilgrimage - Stephen Morris
The work of the Spirit - Chrissie Little
Working together - Andrew Deuchar
Preparing for the New Year - Stephen Morris
Remembering Trafalgar - Andrew Deuchar
Reap what you sow - Chrissie Little
Progress in working together - Andrew Deuchar
As good as it gets - David McCoulough
Celebrating One City, One World - Andrew Deuchar
John-Paul II and Benedict XVI - Andrew Deuchar
I make all things new - Clarence Rickards
Patronal Festival and ACC visit - Andrew Deuchar
Contextual theology - Andrew Deuchar
Season of hope - Lawrie Crawforth

Previous editorials


What's going on in Darfur? - Andrew Deuchar
Let us return to the Word - the importance of Scripture
Praying for a good City - Team Quiet Day address
Betjeman, faith and doubt - and is it true?
Gifts and possessions - whose Church is it, anyway?
Gerald Finzi - and our Choral tradition
The promised land - then and now
Epiphany - the identity of Christ
The glory of the Lord - shall be revealed
Magnificat - a celebration of hope
Emptiness by Paul Carpenter
Wheat & tares - the London bombings
Welcoming our new Lord Mayor - Muslim/Christian relations in Nottingham
Progress - centenary of Nottingham Junior Boy's High School
Is there hope? - a brief reflection on the writings of John Gray
Good Friday sermon - Andrew Deuchar
Marriage by Andrew Deuchar
Authority and humility by Andrew Deuchar
Three modern wise men by David McCoulough
Dieu parmi nous - the Divine amid the mundane, by Philip Collin
Do I really believe in the Bible? by Andrew Deuchar
Searching for truth as the Church wrestles with its problems
Facing up to division in faith by Andrew Deuchar
Conflict in the church by Andrew Deuchar
Channels of God's healing touch by Andrew Deuchar
What Jesus means to me by Armorel Young
Archbishop George Carey by Andrew Deuchar
Words and the Word by Andrew Deuchar
Angels: so what? by Andrew Deuchar
Moving on - Eileen McLean's last sermon with us
Four meditations on "The Killing" by Edwin Muir - Andrew Deuchar
Easter women - early morning sermon by Andrew Deuchar
What the Bible means to me by Paul Carpenter
What the Bible means to me by Sister Pippa CHN
Remembrance by Andrew Deuchar
Race Awareness by Andrew Deuchar
Guests at the Banquet by Eileen McLean
The Eucharist and Unity by John L Peterson
Welcome by Andrew Deuchar
Journey by Andrew Deuchar
Scripture today by Leslie Morley
Casting the first stone by George Morley
George Green and mathematics by John Polkinghorne
The Kingdom by Leslie Morley
The Messiah by George Morley
Wilderness in Prayer by Eileen McLean
Boundaries by Eileen McLean
St Peter's Day by Gillian Cooper

September 11th 2001

After the attack by Eileen McLean
Faith and Politics by Andrew Deuchar

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