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Fifth Anniversary Progress Report

Your webmaster enjoying himself hugely at Chichester CathedralIt is now over five years since the first "Semi-official web page" of St Peter's Church Nottingham went on-line in July 1996. In those early days there were a mere eleven pages in the site and no pictures. There were only 53 "hits" in the first month, most of them probably me. Since then the site has "just growed" quite considerably and there are over 400 pages, with numerous pictures and audio files.

The figures below give some idea of the current number of visitors, and we are pleased to welcome guests from all over the world and to read their comments in the Visitors' Book. It is gratifying that so many people enjoy the site and find it useful. It still seems odd to me that an article I wrote back in 1996 should be read by nine people each and every day in 2001. To paraphrase Thomas Hardy commenting on his novel "Tess of the D'Urbervilles", if I'd known it was going to be so popular I'd have taken more trouble over it!

I am grateful to the clergy at St Peter's (Leslie Morley, Eileen McLean and Andrew Deuchar) who have encouraged me in this venture, to Robert Cockcroft and Jim McLean who have made my task much easier, and to all the talented and thoughtful members of St Peter's who have contributed articles to the printed magazine and ipso facto to this website.

Michael Leuty, webmaster

Summary: 1st - 31st October 2001
Number of visitors (host computers served) 8,654
Homepage hits 1,856
Total webpage hits 30,320
Bytes transferred 1.12Gb
Average visitors per day 279
Average homepage hits per day 60
Average webpage hits per day 978
Top Thirty Web Pages
Page Hits
Oscar Romero 1,014
William Booth 691
The Gospel according to Saint Luke 641
Acts of the Apostles 465
St Francis of Assisi 426
The choir 309
History of the City of Nottingham 280
Saint Jerome 275
C. S. Lewis 259
"All hail the power of Jesus' name" 205
Joseph Goebbels 192
The Agony in the Garden 191
Seasons of Worship - Christmas 190
The pillar of fire - Herbert Howells 189
"In the bleak midwinter" 188
"We plough the fields and scatter" 177
Jehan Alain 175
"Lord of the Dance" 174
"For the beauty of the earth" 174
Church Guide part 1 168
The Gospel according to John 167
The organ 162
"Just as I am without one plea" 159
History of the Parish 154
Advent and Christmas Carol services 149
Poems inspired by Herbert Howells 148
The Gospel according to Matthew 145
"For all the saints" 144
Southwell Minster 142
The English Borough of Nottingham 137
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