A service for (very) young people at St Peter's
Second Saturday of the month, 10.45am

Acorns has met on the first Saturday of the month for their own special service, including songs, games, stories and craft, for the last two years; but recently Ruth Stephens, who has been leading the group, consulted with other parents and decided that the group would feel more that they were part of the whole church if they met on Sundays. After some discussion we decided that the best way to nurture the spirituality of the children and to help them to grow in faith at this stage was to change to Sundays – so from June Acorns will meet on the second Sunday of the month, beginning in church and then moving over to the Coffee Room for special activities and then re-joining the rest of church for communion, if parents and children would like to do that. On the fourth Sunday there will be colouring sheets available in the Coffee Room for parents to use with their children, if they need a break during the service.

We all hope that the children will be encouraged in their journey of faith and that as adults and children we can rejoice that we are children of the same heavenly Father.

For any enquiries about Acorns, please call the Church Office (0115 948 3658).

"Review" by Eileen Sutton, January 2003

The parents of small children at St Peter's would like to thank Ruth Stephen for such a great job she is doing, running the Acorns children's group. She holds a "service" for small children - from toddlers and babies up to six or seven year olds (no age limit has been determined) at 3pm on the first Saturday of the month with a theme for that particular time of the church year.

The "service" really is attractive to all ages because Ruth seems to have a great rapport with the children and she has super ideas for activities which seem to hold everybody's attention (yes, the parents' too!) Also there is lots to do and nothing lasts too long. There is usually something where the children can move about the church or just dance around, then some music with singing and instruments followed by a story with a wonderful puppet show to illustrate it. This enthralls everyone! After this there is some art and craft activity which is done quite simply so that any age can do something. This is already set up so that children can set to straight away. After this there is a short prayer and return to crafts if not finished. I know there must be a lot of clearing up after this but, guiltily, this is where I usually leave with my two.

I just wanted to thank, on behalf of the parents, Ruth and her family because everything is so well organised for the children. There is an awful lot of preparation goes into it as well as Ruth running the actual service so well. If attendance numbers are anything to go by then you must know, Ruth, you are doing a brilliant job but we would like to thank you personally too.

Eileen Sutton
(on behalf of parents of young children at St Peter's)

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