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A wedding at St Peter's

On 1st July 2007 the parishes of St Mary the Virgin and St Peter & All Saints were united, bringing together three distinctive church communities in the centre of Nottingham. The new website of the united parish at is developing rapidly but there is still a lot of material on this site that has not yet been incorporated in the new, and it remains here as an archive.

New website

Nottingham City Centre Church Group - the new website of our united parish.

Workplace Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy - part of the outreach of the Nottingham City Centre Church Group
iChaplaincy - the internet branch of the Workplace Chaplaincy


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Music list at St Peter's

The music list is now available on the new website.

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St Peter's is the oldest building in continuous use in the City of Nottingham. It has been a place of worship since the eleventh century and today it continues to offer its tradition of worship and opportunities for prayer, peace, reflection and hospitality. We see this as the basis for growing in God's love and His kingdom and seek to be an open and accepting community, where people may explore their faith and grow with each other in communion with God and his world.

Set in the heart of Nottingham, St Peter's also seeks to play its part in the busy life of the City Centre.

We are part of the Diocese of Southwell in the Church of England, a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

We hope that you will enjoy these articles about the history of Nottingham and our church; and some of the musical, theological and practical aspects of our life together.

St Peter's Square, Nottingham

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St Peter's Church - in the centre of Nottingham, next to Marks & Spencer's.
All Saint's Church - near the Arboretum (follow the tram tracks north out of Old Market Square, up Goldsmith Street).
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i-churchCan't get to Nottingham? Why not try i-church? (An online Christian community based in the Diocese of Oxford, and part of the Church of England.)

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