On 1st July 2007 the parishes of St Mary the Virgin and St Peter & All Saints were united, bringing together three distinctive church communities in the centre of Nottingham. The new website of the united parish at nottinghamchurches.org is developing rapidly but there is still a lot of material on this site that has not yet been incorporated in the new, and it remains here as an archive.

History contents

Local History

Nottingham, the City by Sally Kersting.
Concerning Snot, and his descendants
St Peter's parish by Doreen Moat.
A social history of the area surrounding the church
Broad Marsh. Personal reminiscences by Allan Derry
St Peter's Room, Broadmarsh - postwar dances
The journal of Grace Jane Dexter - a teacher at St Peter's Schools in 1887
Turn of the century. A parishioner of 100 years ago
Robert Millhouse - the "weaver poet" of Nottingham
Margaretta ("Meta") Riley - a local philanthropist
Southwell Minster. Our cathedral church.
Why can't Norwell Tertia Pars take his seat?
Bromley House Library
Lord Byron - the opening of the burial Vault in Hucknall Parish Church

Historical Church magazines

The St Peter's Magazines for 1901 - church life 100 years ago
June 1944 parish magazine - just before the Normandy landings


The Nottingham Bluecoat School
Time to put the clock back - on the old Mansfield Road building
All Saints' School - Raleigh Street, Nottingham

The Churches

St Peter's Church building by David Marshall. From "1066 and all that" until modern times
Tower Repairs in 1825 without scaffolding
The Agony in the Garden. A tale of two paintings within the Church
The Transfiguration Window. Medieval tracery at the West End
The LAA memorial - to a Nottinghamshire regiment
The history of All Saints' Church
Jack Sibley - a previous Verger

Southwell DAC Church History Project web-site

Further technical historical information about St Peter's Church

The Rectors of St Peter's

Part One: introduction, 1241 - 1499
Part Two: 1499 - 1656
Part Three: 1656 - 1853
Part Four: 1853 - today, the Rectory, sources

Canon Leslie Morley - Rector 1985 - 1999
Canon Angus Inglis - the early years

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