On 1st July 2007 the parishes of St Mary the Virgin and St Peter & All Saints were united, bringing together three distinctive church communities in the centre of Nottingham. The new website of the united parish at nottinghamchurches.org is developing rapidly but there is still a lot of material on this site that has not yet been incorporated in the new, and it remains here as an archive.

Guides contents

Brief tour of old Nottingham

The English borough. The Lace Market and St Mary's
The French borough. The Castle, St Nicholas' and St Peter's
St Mary's Church - a mediaeval neighbour

Short tour of St Peter's Church

Frisby Gallery. Church sketches by Richard Frisby

Complete tour of St Peter's Church

St Peter's, a stone's throw from the Council House, is Nottingham's oldest church, with ten bells ringing in its 15th century tower, crowned by a lofty spire. The interior is spacious, stately, and light, with aisles divided from the nave by arches on clustered pillars.
Arthur Mee

Part one - exterior. Brief history, frontage, tower and spire
Part two - nave and chancel. Nave, rood screen, chancel
Part three - north aisle. West end, north aisle and north clerestory
Part four - south aisle. South aisle, south arcade, war memorial
Part five - churchyard and St Peter's Centre

Plan of St Peter's Church, Nottingham

Isometric drawing of St Peter's Church by David Marshall, Architect Emeritus


The bells of St Peter's Church and All Saints' Church
The triptych at St Peter's Church


History of the building by David Marshall

Southwell DAC Church History Project web-site

Further technical historical information about St Peter's Church

Reflections on parts of the church

Light on stone by Roger Cowell
The rood screen by Ann Parker
The roof - a meditation by Richard Evans
Moving stones - a rock at St Peter's
Angels at St Peter's by Myra Chilvers

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