Joint Statement from the PCCs of
St Mary and St Catharine
& St Peter and All Saints, Nottingham
19th February 2005

The future of our city centre parishes

At the joint meeting of the PCCs which met on Saturday 19 February 2005, the following three options were discussed in four groups comprising cross-parish members:

The Structure for the future:
  1. Remain as two separate parishes, but increase collaboration where possible
  2. Form a group or team ministry, retaining individual PCCs, but adding a ‘Team Council’ to guide developments across the parishes
  3. Form a single parish

After discussion, in an informal paper ballot the overwhelming majority (two dissenters) favoured option (3) to form a single parish.

A single parish

It was agreed that in becoming a single parish it does not imply the closure of any building.

Much work and discussion will be taking place to explore this outcome. On Saturday 19 March at the next planned meeting the joint PCCs will continue this process in order to produce a formal proposal for presentation and discussion at the Annual Parish Church Meetings in April.

The separate PCCs will have the opportunity to receive your views and welcome any comments you may have. Additionally, opportunity will be made for informal discussions to take place after a Sunday service in each church – a date will be announced as soon as possible.

Andrew Deuchar
© St Peter's Church, Nottingham
Last revised 12th March 2005