The St Peter's Magazines for 1901

St Peter's Square, Nottingham in 1901This series of articles has been put together by Keith Charter and Hugh Busher, greatly assisted by contributions from Peter Hoare, to set the scene on life at St Peterís and its parish in 1901. These are based on recently discovered magazines of the time, and it seemed right to wait until the turn of the (real) millennium to provide a monthly series of articles on the theme '100 years ago'.

Early in 1994 Mr Barry Chappell, from Chilwell, brought to the church an old volume he had discovered among his late motherís possessions, a bound-up set of St Peterís Church Magazine for the years 1901 and 1902. Mr Chappell had no idea how his mother had come by the volume. He allowed us to photocopy the magazine and we now have new insights into life at St Peterís a hundred years ago that we intend to present monthly throughout 2001.
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Last revised 4th December 2001